Daily Wrap Up – February 27, 2023 (#036)

I’m back after a long weekend of watching baseball and eating hot dogs. In that order. Lots of reading to catch up on, and you’ll find some insightful pieces below on cloud adoption strategy, resilience, and security.

[blog] Stop saying “technical debt.” This post talks about avoiding using “tech debt” as a catch-all for many types of work, but rather, aligning to the various goals you have for improvement.

[youtube-video] Designing scalable cloud applications. Yes, Google’s Kubernetes Engine scales 3-100x more than other offerings, as this video points out, but what’s more impressive is that the supporting subsystems—think networking, storage, log processing—scales with it.

[article] The Biggest Cloud Native Strategy Mistake. Good piece that reviews Gartner’s cloud adoption pyramid and how companies tend to take the wrong approach to their adoption strategy.

[blog] The Overlooked Culprit Behind 70% of SaaS Outages. If your app depends on a variety of services—as many do, nowadays—you’re subjected to the composite SLA.

[article] Why use message brokers? Quick, visual post that covers use cases and benefits of introducing message brokers to your architecture.

[blog] Career tips and no-cost training for the next generation of cloud technology. What are the trends, roles, and training resources that might help you get going with cloud technologies? This post has a useful overview.

[blog] YugabyteDB Architecture. We’re in the Golden Age of databases with so many powerful options available. If you haven’t heard of Yugabyte, you should give it a look.

[blog] How we scaled Reads On the Twitter Users Database. Somewhat related is another piece from Etsy Engineering on how they also used Vitess to scale their MySQL databases. There aren’t many future-proof database options out there (Spanner?), so it’s likely you’ll need tools later on to help adjust your architecture.

[article] What’s the secret to getting to the cloud? Just do it. Government agencies get it. Get going; don’t wait for everything to line up first.

[article] Open Source Vulnerabilities Are Still a Challenge for Developers. It’s tough keeping up with open sources releases and patches, and you’ve likely got a LOT of vulnerabilities lying around.


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Author: Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter is Director of Developer Relations and Outbound Product Management at Google Cloud. He’s also an instructor at Pluralsight, a frequent public speaker, the author of multiple books on software design and development, and a former InfoQ.com editor plus former 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud. As Director of Developer Relations and Outbound Product Management, Richard leads an organization of Google Cloud developer advocates, engineers, platform builders, and outbound product managers that help customers find success in their cloud journey. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.

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