RSSBus Updated With BizTalk-Specific Connector

Those cats at \n software have released an updated version of RSSBus

They’ve added a new feed creation wizard, improved caching and performance, and added a bunch of new connectors. Of specific interest to me, they’ve added a BizTalk Connector which extracts the following RSS feeds:

  • List of all service instances in BizTalk
  • List of all BizTalk applications and their status
  • Details about the contents of specific BizTalk applications
  • List of either just suspended, or just running service instances

They didn’t add feeds to mirror the application-specific traffic metrics that I posted a while back. But that’s cool, since I can still use my old queries and the RSSBus SqlServer connector.

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Author: Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter is Director of Outbound Product Management at Google Cloud, with a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Colorado. He’s also an instructor at Pluralsight, a frequent public speaker, the author of multiple books on software design and development, plus former editor and former 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud. As Director of Outbound Product Management at Google Cloud, Richard leads a team focused on products that help teams build and run modern software. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.

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