Daily Wrap Up – May 5, 2023 (#083)

I hope you week ended on a high note. If not, maybe this little bundle of interesting reads will get your weekend off to a good start. Learn some things about AI, “private” serverless apps, zero-trust, and more.

[blog] When one becomes two: Resource hierarchy strategies for divested organization. I don’t see many articles about how you handle divestiture. Usually the opposite. This is a good look at what it takes to separate cloud resources.

[blog] Are We Making Lambda Too Hard? Are you possibly over-thinking your serverless architecture and some classic bloat to the structure? This post encourages a focus on the basics.

[blog] Minimize Cloud Outage Risk By Proactively Monitoring Your Quotas. Useful walkthrough of setting up a quota management solution for your cloud consumption.

[blog] Deep dive: Revolutionising product management with ChatGPT. Whatever job you have, it’s probably worth taking a few moments and writing down ways that generative AI could assist in parts of your day to day job.

[article] Only Morons Use ChatGPT As a Substitute for Google. Aggressive title. But the main point seems to be that we should use the right tool for the scenario.

[blog] 3 new ways to authorize users to your private workloads on Cloud Run. Fully-managed app runtimes are awesome, especially ones like Cloud Run that take your monolith or microservice. This post looks at new patterns supported for your internal-only apps.

[article] ServiceNow, Hugging Face’s free StarCoder LLM takes on Copilot, CodeWhisperer. This looks like an exciting product, and plenty of folks will do self-hosting of models like this, and also use fully-managed models from cloud providers. Maybe in the same place!

[blog] Using Cloud Spanner to handle high throughput writes. One reason that cloud (managed) databases are powerful is their flexibility to handle bursts. This posts explores how to support heavy-write situations.

[article] Level up the Dev Experience with DORA Metrics and Continuous Deployment. This article explores how continuous deployment makes a difference for dev experience.

[blog] Extending Zero Trust access to multi-cloud applications. We pioneered important efforts around zero-trust, and now our commercial product makes it easier to extend a zero-trust architecture across environments.


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Author: Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter is Director of Developer Relations and Outbound Product Management at Google Cloud. He’s also an instructor at Pluralsight, a frequent public speaker, the author of multiple books on software design and development, and a former InfoQ.com editor plus former 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud. As Director of Developer Relations and Outbound Product Management, Richard leads an organization of Google Cloud developer advocates, engineers, platform builders, and outbound product managers that help customers find success in their cloud journey. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.

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